Hey goalies, it’s Mash here! I’ve got some news about our NHL PadsTracker and PadsFactory features that I wanted to share with you.

Over the past year, Justin Goldman, founder of The Goalie Guild and PadsTracker, has been working hard to transition his site into a 501-c3 nonprofit foundation, with a goal of directly assisting underprivileged and under-educated goalies/goalie coaches throughout the world. He’s doing some awesome stuff, all of which you can read about on The Goale Guild’s site. In order to focus directly on that project, Justin and I have decided to formally split up our content by moving PadsTracker and all gear-related content over to my new site, TheGoalieArchive.com.

I am still in the final stages of launching the new site, which will house all of the NHL PadsTracker and PadsFactory content, along with some great new content and features focused on the thing we all have in common, a love of goalie gear… So bookmark that new page and STAY TUNED!!!

In the meantime, I’d like to publicly thank Justin for coming up with the awesome PadsTracker idea back in 2007, and subsequently getting me involved with it. Justin and I have developed a great friendship over the years and have had lots of fun working on tons of awesome projects together. He’s really helped me with many opportunities along the way, so I can’t thank him enough. We both share a vision of our goalie community that is based on creativity – from our mask/pad designs, right through to our mental approach in goal. So even though our websites are splitting up, Justin and I will continue to collaborate on projects together, and most importantly, remain good friends. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Justin’s newest book, Embracing the Grind, available in late-October or early November.


Mathew “Mash” Abraham